WLA is a non-profit, volunteer-based association offering the young people of the Wayzata School District in grades 1 through 12 an opportunity to learn the fundamentals of lacrosse in a safe, respectful and fun environment.


Wayzata Lacrosse Association Weather Rules

Once there is less than 30 seconds between the sight of lightning and the sound of thunder, all individuals should be cleared from the field and in a safe location. The field should remain cleared until 30 minutes have passed with no such events.  The 30 minute clock may be reset as more activity is heard or seen.  During the delay, coaches must ensure that all team personnel are in vehicles or permanent structures.

The officials may suspend the game, the site manager or coaches may mutually suspend the game, and neither party can overrule the other.  The general rule of “if you can hear it, clear it” should be used.

Extreme Heat Rule

First and foremost, make sure the players are well-hydrated prior to game time and during the game.

With a heat index of 105 degrees or higher at the field between 2-3 hours prior to game time, you should cancel and reschedule the game. Make sure to notify the referees within that time frame so  you don't have to pay them for the cancelled game. If they arrive and then you decide to cancel the game, you owe them for the cancelled game. The heat index can be found online at the TV stations' websites, the Weather Channel website or on some smart phone apps.

In extreme heat under the heat index of 105 degrees, you can still cancel the game. But if you decide to play, make sure you have a cooler with ice water/towels for the players to cool off with.  Bring extra cold water. If possible, let players rest in the shade when not on the field.  Encourage parents/fans to bring umbrellas to provide shade.  See other guidelines below.

During the game, negotiate with the referees and other coaches to include one 1-2 minute running time water break in any or all quarters as necessary.

Remind players that they should drink 2 glasses of water each hour (for a few hours) after the game.

If in doubt, err on the side of player, fan, coach, and referee safety.

Heat Index

Recommended Guidelines

Up to 89°

Normal Play

90° - 99°

Mandatory 2-minute water breaks per half with running time.
Each half shortened by 5 minutes.

100° - 105°

Mandatory 2-minute water breaks per half with running time.
Each half shortened by 10 minutes.


Suspend play.