WLA is a non-profit, volunteer-based association offering the young people of the Wayzata School District in grades 1 through 12 an opportunity to learn the fundamentals of lacrosse in a safe, respectful and fun environment.


Out-Of-District Player - Program Eligibility
Registration for all boys and girls programs will be open to kids both in and out of District 284 (provided there is no organized lacrosse program offered in-district for the out-of-district child). However, if a wait list forms for a particular program, families who live in District 284 will be given priority.
WLA registration opportunities will be on a first-come/first-serve basis (exception would be for a competitive team that requires a try-out for roster placement). If a child who lives out-of-district registers and there is no wait list; the out-or-district child can participate. If a wait list forms, out-of-district kids will be replaced by District 284 kids to form a final roster. Out-of-district kids will be replaced based upon the timing of their registration. For example, if at the close of registration, a program has three in-district kids on the wait list and five out-of-district players assigned to the program, three of the five out-of-district kids will be replaced. Replacement will be based upon the order of registration. In this case, the two out-of-district registrants who registered first would be allowed to participate in the program. The three out-of-district players who registered after the first two would be removed from the program roster and be replaced by in-district players.
We will close registration two weeks before the start of any given program. At that time roster positions will be confirmed. Any registration fees previously collected would, of course, be returned to the out-of-district player.
A child who lives out-of-district but is open-enrolled in a District 284 school is considered to be an in-district player.
The only time an out-of-district player can take priority over an in-district child would be when there is a shortage of coaches and the WLA Commissioners appoint that child’s parent or older sibling to serve as a head or an assistant coach for the WLA youth team.