WLA is a non-profit, volunteer-based association offering the young people of the Wayzata School District in grades 1 through 12 an opportunity to learn the fundamentals of lacrosse in a safe, respectful and fun environment.


Boys Equipment Requirements

Lacrosse is a fast moving and physically demanding sport. Full field running is a necessary part of the game. Proper stick and body checking are an integral part of lacrosse play. Full equipment is required to play in all leagues.
The following equipment is required:
  • Lacrosse stick (crosse)
    • 8U  players may only use sticks 37”-42” long 
    • 10U players may use stick 37”-42” long, while 10U defensemen may use sticks that are 47"-54" long (recommend that they are no taller than the player, including the head)
    • 10U goalkeepers sticks should be 37"-54" long
    • 12U and older attack and midfielders may use short sticks between 40"-42"
    • 12U and older Defensemen may use sticks 52”-72” long (recommend that they are no taller than the player)
    • 12U and older Goalkeepers may use sticks 40”-72” long
  • Lacrosse helmet
    • NOCSAE approved helmets only
    • Hockey helmets are not permitted
    • Helmets must have a cupped four point chin strap that fasten to all four hook ups
    • All goalie helmets must have lacrosse throat protectors only
    • For parents who are buying new helmets, we are asking that you purchase "Athletic Gold" with "White" visor and chin strap protector.  Do not get additional vent stickers. Note that most stores have sizing samples and that it could take a week or more to order and receive your new helmet.  Athletic gold helmets will be required  at the 12U level and above.
  • Shoulder pads
  • Chest pad (Goalie)
  • Arm/elbow pads
  • Lacrosse gloves (no hockey gloves)
  • 2 Colored mouth guards (always have one spare)
  • Athletic supporter and protective cup
Additional Optional Equipment:
  • Protective rib pads
  • Shin guards/football pants (Goalie)
  • Various other special padding necessary for goal tending
  • Cleats for grass and longer turf

For parents who are buying new helmets for boys, please purchase "Athletic Gold" helmets with white visor and chin strap protector.


Athletic Gold helmets with white visor and chin strap protector are required at the 14U-A and 12U-A levels. Under no circumstances may a Wayzata player wear a helmet from another association or travel team while playing in games for Wayzata Lacrosse. 




Tips for Lacrosse Helmet Fitting

  1. Make sure the helmet is NOCSAE approved. The National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment conducts rigorous tests and sets standards for safe athletic equipment, including lacrosse helmets.
  2. Always review the specific helmet manufacturer’s recommendations for proper helmet fitting either on the manufacturer’s web site or in the store.
  3. Helmets are measured in inches. Check manufacturers’ charts to show the proper size helmet for your child’s head.
  4. Padding of the helmet shall give firm and uniform pressure about the head. The skin of the forehead should move as the helmet is moved from left to right and from front to back.
  5. Be sure there is a four-point chin-strap attached to the helmet. The chin-strap should be tightened so that there is no slack.
  6. Properly fitted helmets must take into account the hairstyle of your child; if your child has a great deal of thick hair and then receives a haircut, the helmet must then be refitted.
  7. Proper helmet fit should never cause headaches.
  8. The facemask should attach cleanly to the helmet and should be replaced if it is bent.


Girls Equipment Requirements

Lacrosse is a fast moving and physically demanding sport. Full field running is a necessary part of the game.  

The following equipment is required:

  • Lacrosse stick (crosse)
  • Players may use sticks 37" - 42" long only
  • Lacrosse eye protection (Lax Goggles)
  • 2 Colored mouth guards (always have one spare)
  • Various other special padding, helmets and stick necessary for goaltending (All equipment provided by association)
  • Field cleats for grass and longer turf

Lacrosse retail shops in our area have:

  • an excellent selection of lacrosse gear
  • knowledgable staff members that can answer your questions relative to your players lacrosse gear needs. 

Listed below are a couple:

Northstar Lacrosse
774 Main Street
Hopkins, MN 55343

Dave's Sport Shop
13637 Grove Drive
Maple Grove, MN. 55311 

Dick's Sporting Goods
11260 Wayzata Blvd.
Minnetonka, MN 55360